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The Richmond Cowboys Hockey Club has a long tradition of giving. When we were young, many years ago, we used to have fund raisers to help pay for ice time and other hockey related needs. We are grown ups now, and we can afford to pay for our way on our own. We also recognize that there are many others, through no fault of their own, are not so fortunate. It is our compassion and obligation to help out those in need if we can... and we do.

We host a number of fund raising event throughout the year and a large proportion of money raised goes directly to help out those in need in our community. Some examples are listed below:


Cowboy SantaEach year, with the help of schools and community organizations, a few families in need are identified and offered a deserved gift from the Cowboys. We do not know the people who receive the gift, nor do we ever know who receives the gift unless that person goes out of their way to thank us.

We often learn anonymously of the joy that it brings, and we love to hear about it. That is where the gift truly gives back. Helping others is a great reminder of how lucky we are to be able to do so and we must never take for granted our good fortune.




As hockey players we know the value of sport. Unfortunately, not all families can afford to put their child on the field or in the arena. No child should be denied the change to participate in sports and miss an opportunity of a lifetime of enjoyment. That is why we are grateful to organizations such as Kid Sport who help get kids in the game who otherwise would miss out and be worse for it. We make a regular habit of support local chapters.



If you have every been to the Children's Hospital you might know what I mean when I say it can be a tough place to visit. But it's a good place with great people care for people in sometimes tragic circumstances. Sadly, there are times when no amount of money can bring the result we want, but that doesn't lessen the need.

When a parent faces the reality of a long term hospital stay for their child, priorities suddenly change ans everything else just kind of stops... including income, in some situations. The Cowboys have been able to help a little bit at these times not only donation to the hospital at times, but sometimes directly to the family.




West Entrance

Cowboys' Honour Dennis at Richmond Hospital
Hospital Walkway

In honour of Dennis, and in appreciation of the care given by the Richmond Hospital, the Cowboys have added his name to the memory walkway near the West Entrance. Symbolical to the impression made to so many, his memory is etched in our heart and now in stone.

Dennis' Brick

    The list of people and organization that the Cowboys have helped out is long and growing, including:

      • BC Children’s Hospital
      • Canuck Place
      • Emma Guild Memorial Playground
      • Myasthenia Gravis Fund Raiser
      • BC Salmon Foundation (in memory of Bill Frame)
      • Richmond Hospital Foundation (in memory of Dennis Minns)
      • BC Cancer Society (in memory of Cowboy Daddy - Duncan May)
      • Richmond Food Bank
      • Romanian Orphans (Vancouver nurse’s humanitarian trip)
      • A variety of Cowboy Children’s Events

    and more...

    If you know someone who could use a helping hand, please let us know.