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Cowboy Daddy
Oddly no one seems to have a picture of Bob, but when I look at the Proud Canadian emblem I am reminded of his smiling round face and that mischievous trinkle in his eye.

A Proud Canadian Cowboy

Old Bob Jenns was a proud Canadian. He was a farmer from Saskatchewan, but in the winter he would visit the West Coast and frequently drop by to watch the Cowboys play. After every game, without exception, Bob would enter the dressing room. He would be greeted affectionately with a groan, "Oh no, not Bob!" This was because everyone knew that with him was a paper bag, and in that bag there was a cold 26oz bottle of Royal Reserve. Everyone also knew that that bottle would go around the room and would continue around until it was done. Sometimes it was the player who finished the last drink who would receive the honour of removing the Proud Canadian sticker from the back of the bottle and placing it on his helmet. Sometimes a player would receive the honour for his performance that night. Sometimes if you had played long enough on the team, it was just your turn.

In the summer of 1994 Bob Jenns passed away.

For a time following that, a bottle of Royal Reserve was not seen in the dressing room. I don't know if anyone missed the burn of straight whiskey right after a game, but I do know that Bob is missed. We carry the memory of Bob in our hearts and on the back of our helmets.

At our club's 15th Annivesary party in 1995, we unveiled new jerseys sporting a brand new logo. Accenting the logo, on the left brest to be worn above our heart, was "A "Proud Canadian" crest, a direct copy of the sticker that would come from the back of a bottle of Royal Reserve. That night for the first time since we lost Bob the bottle emerged, a the traditional toast to Bob began.

Now, many years later, a bottle of "Proud Canadian" occasionally enters the dressing room and the salute continues. The veteran players will always raise the bottle high in the air and reverandly utter, "To Bob" before partaking and passing it to the next player. I dare say many have no idea who we are toasting anymore, but that's okay. The red maple leaf on our jerseys and on our helmets signify pride. I am proud to have had the honour to meet "Uncle Bob", a real life Cowboy and a Proud Canadian.

- Doug Collins