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2012 - Barn of Honour Opening

The younger Cowboys team had been dressing with the same jersey for 18 seasons and some of them were getting a little worn out - so were the jerseys.

Many of the players that wore the jersey when it was new had now passed them down to the next generation of Cowboys. Some of the numbers just didn't look right on the younger players, so it was time for a change, a time for honour, and a time for a party!

The Cowboys community gathered a the Mayfair Golf Course clubhouse to unveil a new jersey for the younger team. A new logo marks change, a selection of memorable numbers would not be printed on the new jerseys. In honour of Cowboy greatness 6 jerseys would be retired and the "Barn of Honour" would be established to recognize our Cowboy Heroes.

Included in the evening's festivities was a long overdue annoucement: Team captain officially declared that he had played his last game with the younger team and was moving on to join the older team full time. This truely marked a new chapter for club. No player had played more games for the Cowboys than Doug Collins, and it's unlikely that anyone else ever will.