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Playing in the Richmond Industrial Hockey League since 1997, this is the more talented (and younger) Cowboy team. Evolving from the original team that used to play out of the now demolished Seafair Arena, they were joined by older players leaving the Cowboy II team and now represent the 2nd generation of Cowboys.

By now, all of the Original team is retired or have graduated to the Cowboys "Old Boy" team of plus 50 year olds. When team manager and captain, Doug Collins aged into the older team in 2012, the torch was passed to Cowboy sons, Derek and Cory May. Collins stayed on as President of the RIHL (a role he assumed in 1999, not long after the Cowboys joined the RIHL) and continues to act a Manager of the Richmond Cowboys Hockey Club.

This team is the future of the Richmond Cowboys Hockey Club and the hopeful source of players for the aging Old Boys.