Cowboys Hockey

The Original Cowboys
The Original Squad from 1979


Five brothers, some cousins and a few friends of the farmers from East Richmond grabbed their sticks, bag of pucks and a couple boxes of beer and headed down the Seafair Arena on the other side of the Island. Not one had an inkling of what this thing called the Richmond Cowboys would become!

Four decades have passed and the team is still going strong (although some moving a little slower). In fact there are two teams now: The younger team playing in The RIHL, an over 30 league, and the plus 50 team playing in the ROTHC. At one time there was 3 teams which included Cowboy II - the youth team not yet old enough to play with their Dads and Uncles, but as they aged and qualified for the RIHL team, the team was folded.

The Richmond Cowboys Hockey Club longevity is credit to an attitude of inclusion. The team will welcome anyone, but not everyone can be a Cowboy. It takes a certain character to belong, but once your in, you're a Cowboy for life.

Over the years with all hockey games, the parties, events and fund raisers the Cowboys Hockey Club has gained legendary status, contributing to the community in many ways - charity, action, rivalry and revelry.