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July 9th, 2022
Greenacres Golf Course - 5040 No 6 Rd, Richmond
Whether permitting
Whether or not Covid 19 permits!

The Richmond Cowboys
Annual Invitational Mens Golf Tournament




Four Man Scramble
Each team uses the "best ball" for each turn. The result is an evenly matched tournament boasting some pretty good scores.
2022 Winners:
Adam Basford
Craig James
Clinton May
Richard Dietz

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Hockey Put on Ice

"Are you kidding me???"

That was the reaction of hockey players across the country on news that the Health Authority was banning the game that in so many ways, defines Canada. To be sure, taking hockey away from the Cowboys because of a little virus was an unthinkable reality. "Can they do that?" Apparently, they can, and they did and we were helpless to do anything about it.

"How bad can it be?" - quite bad, apparently. by the end of 2020 over 80,000,000 people had tested positive for the Coronavirus that causes Covid 19. Over 900 people in British Columbia had died from it! That's a lot... 1 in every 5555 people of the 5,000,000 that live in BC. That's like a tenth of a percent - more than bank interest in a saving account! Okay, it doesn't sound like a lot when you put it like that, but dead is dead, and the numbers would probably be a lot higher if the government didn't take such drastic measures.

I think a lot of people are happy that hockey players aren't making the decisions about whether we should stay home or not. Maybe we would have closed schools and businesses and told people to stay home, but not from the hockey rink... come on!

Obviously the situation is beyond our control. Playoffs were cancelled, The CARHA World Cup to be hosted in Richmond, BC was postponed 2 years and Summer Hockey did not materialize for the Richmond Cowboys for the first time in 40 plus years.

We did managed to have a very short 2020-21 season, getting in 6 games of rathered restricted hockey before they shut us down tight in December. We are now waiting for the temperature to drop so we can skate on the cranberry bogs. It so far looks unlikely with bearly even a sprinkle of snow this winter... but hell has frozen over, so maybe there's still a chance for hockey this season.

I'll keep you posted.

Duncan May
Cowboy Daddy
"The Cowboy Daddy"
Father of the Team

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