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Cowboy Daddy

One of the Good Guys

If anyone could rival the "Cowboy Daddy" as one of the team most loyal supporter, it would be Uncle Jake. In fact, you would rarely see one at the game without the other. He and his wife "Bunny" also hosted their share of after game parties.

His interest in the team was their from the very start when his son John played on the team, but he continued to cheer us on long after his son hung them up, showing up regularly at the games and in the dressing room afterwards. His support continued until the day he died and remains with us spirit to this day.

In the the legacy of the Cowboys, Jake Savage is "one of the good guys". He is an integral part of the Cowboy story and defining part of our tradition.

His character is etched in our souls and described well in tributes recorded in our 2005 archive section March 21, 2005. < CLICK HERE FOR MORE >