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Legendary Cowboys Acknowledged at the 2024 Golf Tourney

2024 Cowboy of the Year

Every year we set aside time to consider candidates for Cowboy of the Year. Some years the choice is difficult, but not this season. That doesn't mean there were not a lot of qualified Cowboys... there were, but no one could dispute that Rob Swenson earned the title above all others.

Sadly, he was chosen as the 2024 Cowboy of the Year posthumously, but we were honoured to have his sister Cindy accept the award on his behalf. She arrived at our Golf BBQ and received Rob's plaque graciously, all the while Facetiming the proceedings to Rob's grieving widow, Raeanne and others.

It was a truly moving event, and the Swenson family was very grateful for the the gesture.

Rob was also simultaneously inducted into the Cowboys Hall of Fame.

Also honoured at our Cowboys Annual Golf Tournament was Ron Fontaine. We elect a Cowboy of the Year every season, but it takes much more than one season to be considered for the Barn of Honour.

Although we played against Ron in the first Cowboy season, he soon joined us and has been with the team since the beginning in 1979. He was one of our best players in his youth, and when his health prevented him from playing, he never left. Instead he stepped behind the bench and with his no nonsense approach, he inspired and led the Cowboys Over 53 Team to a Playoff Championship on 2024!

As a player and then coach, Ron has been instrumental in the running our the hockey club and is ready to help out whenever and where ever needed. He is respected and loved by everyone in the Cowboys' organization and community and very deserving of the honour.

Duncan May
Cowboy Daddy
"The Cowboy Daddy"
Father of the Team

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