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Old Boys Playoffs
2016 Old Boys Win Something... don't know what

It has been many years since the Cowboys senior team played in the playoffs. That's not necessary because they didn't make the playoffs, it's because playoffs in the Richmond Oldtimers League ceased to exist some time ago. The last remnant of any post-season play occurred in 2016. Although there was no formal structure of elimination, and no one officially kept track of the results, the Oldboys did win their final game of the season. By good reasoning, if you win the final game of the season in Playoffs, you must be champions, right? So we declared ourselves, at the very least, winners!

Eight years later, Playoffs have officially returned to the ROTHC and the Oldboys are looking to claim victory to bring an official Championship to the Club for the first time since they Cowboy youth won the RIHL Playoffs in 2014.

Old Boys Playoffs
Cowboys win RIHL Championship 2014

On the next rink over, the younger team will be trying to do the same. The RIHL has been diminished to just 4 teams, but the competition is as tight as it has ever been. A victory there would indeed be a great accomplishment.

Regardless of out come, it would be difficult to argue that this season displayed the best Cowboy teams in all division - including the over over 60 division, where the Oldboys only won 2 games all season... but it was the first season, so it was still their best!

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